A project blog: Detecting log anomalies with machine learning

A school project to learn AI/ML techniques and an effort to make an AI capable of detecting anomalous log entries. Everything is done in a Linux environment.

Here are the latest blog posts from our team https://ailogs.design.blog/blog-feed/.

Project ends

The project has exhausted it’s resources – there is no more time left. The presentation is going to be held as a Zoom video meeting on friday 15th April 2020, 9:00 finnish time onwards along with other projects. Few changes were made in the last days: Support for default log formats reverted The default log…

Deployment: Nginx extra

The project is approaching end, and we are ready to deploy! In fact we have already deployed, and this is a writeup of a Sunday spent with trying to deploy something extra that didn’t work properly to begin with: Nginx and default log formats. There are a couple of days left for field testing. Joni…

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