Project ends

The project has exhausted it’s resources – there is no more time left. The presentation is going to be held as a Zoom video meeting on friday 15th April 2020, 9:00 finnish time onwards along with other projects.

Few changes were made in the last days:

Support for default log formats reverted

The default log format gave even more trouble, so we reverted to the most reliable version. The code is much more cleaner, no more exceptions to exceptions.

Nginx support!

We have nginx support, as the logs can be formatted the same way we did on Apache. Details in installation section of our Github page.

Final words

We started the project with zero knowledge in Machine Learning. We managed to construct 2 different machine learning models, and we have learned using many new tools needed in coding, data-analytics, server configurations and the like.

A big thanks to our supervising teacher Tero Karvinen, who gave us the original idea and was encouraging and supporting towards a challenging project.

My personal thanks also to my project partner Joni Hakala, who gave really good insights on the project and found elegant and simple solutions when I was trying to make things complicated.


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